The last you read my long term house plan had failed and I escaped to a hotel.  (If you have no idea what I’m talking about, catch up here: and

Let’s continue…

I hit up my friends from Elevation, explaining the situation I was in. That same day I received about 6 options, with people looking for a roommate. However, there was one that I really liked and to top it off, it was located next to a bus stop! The girl was amazingly friendly and keen to make the process as quick and easy as possible.

That day I received all the details and made a start on my application for the apartment.

Things were looking up.

The only thing was, it was a Saturday and Martin Luther King day was on Monday. (This is a holiday that we don’t have in the UK and so I was not prepared for another day of waiting for the application to get going). The wait was annoying but I was happy that things were headed in the right direction.

On the Tuesday I managed to go in and sign the forms needed and everything in my control was sorted. The apartment office said that it would take 1 day to process and so I left expecting good news the next day.

On Wednesday, I opened my curtains feeling extremely optimistic about the situation and saw this:


I could not believe it, only because so many people constantly told me it NEVER snows in Charlotte. I called the apartment office, just to check if it was open and it WAS! Everybody was in… except the one lady that was processing my application as she had been stuck in her home due to snow.

So once again I patiently waited. The following Monday I got a call from the apartment office , they told me I was all good to move in! By the afternoon I had the keys to the apartment.


 (No cat fur on the sofa!)

I wanted to write this 3 part “House Horrors” series, not to get people to feel sorry for me but to bring comfort to those whose new year did not start in the way that they thought it would. To those that may have had bumps in the road (or mountains in the road) already. I’ve learnt that the situation may not change but YOU CAN. Like I’ve said before, I can be a control freak at times. I know myself, the old Kookie would have cried for days over what happened that Thursday night but I was so peaceful and in a genuine way! I laughed even though it was a bad time and was thankful at times when I could have been complaining. God may not have changed my housing situation but he definitely changed me and that’s something to shout about. I never gave up, I never allowed myself to feel overwhelmed and I am proud of myself for that.

During the wait, I definitely felt myself waver and that’s when I found it was important to have amazing people around me. People that spoke life into the situation and stopped me from capping my own blessing. So to everyone that kept my spirits high THANK YOU!

I’m so excited to start this journey here and to put my all into my internship for the next coming terms!


  1. So glad you are all sorted now. Enjoy your new home, and I will definitely take note of your positivity about things turning around after a not so good start to the year!!! Sending lot’s of love auntie Louise

  2. Glad you are settling well in the US & that you are loving your new home. This so good to read you are a trooper Kookie. Xx

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