Being on a journey gives you the opportunity to leave the pressures of what is behind and yet be expectant for what is ahead. I’m learning that the beauty is in the roadtrip (both literally and metaphorically).

Whether you’re on an actual journey, or this “journey called life” (#deep), here are my roadtrip rules:

  1. Travel with the best people:
    • Since I’ve been in America I have met some of the most amazing people. Although we are all very different, I’ve never been surrounded by so many like minded individuals.
    • The running theme of my life is knowing that I am not the person that I used to be but also that I’m far off from all that I want to be. I am definitely a part of a DIY generation but strongly believe that inviting people that encourage and want the best for you, makes for a far less painful journey.
    • There is not enough room for everyone and anyone (unless you grew up in an African household, there’s always room in the car (if you know you know)). Real talk though, be careful who you travel with.
  2. Make good conversation
    • Once you hit the road, you cannot run or hide. You’re forced into topics of conversation or even questions, whether it be what you want to do in the future or what you want to change about yourself. The car is where I find myself in the hot-seat most.
    • Take the time to learn from the people that you’re with, as well as you’re surroundings. Also use the travel time to learn about the place that you’re heading to. (This is why it is good to travel with people that have already been to your destination).
  3. Banging playlist
    • If you’re trusted with the aux chord make it count – CLICK HERE FOR MY FAVOURITE TRAVEL TRACKS
    • You decide what the soundtrack of your trip is going to be, it’s a choice. One thing that helped me whilst being in between A and B was changing my tune. It was my decision to not wish I was ahead but be excited about the present and all it has to offer.
  4. Plan 
    • It is definitely a good thing to know where you’re going and to have a plan of action for future events.
    • I am the biggest believer of God’s timing is everything – However, I do think that we can do our part in putting preparations in place, as stepping stones for where we are going. We don’t have to wait for a new year to do this! Creating good habits that lead to achieving our goals can start now!
  5. Don’t plan
    • Being spontaneous is still something that I’m learning to be comfortable with. But Sarah Jakes spoke on how there’s beauty in flexibility. Yes, it’s great to be prepared but not too prepared that you don’t allow room for change. Life happens. Sometimes things change for the better, sometimes for the worst. However, living a spacious life means that:
      • You can experience incredible things you never planned for.
      • You’re not too crushed when things don’t pan out how you expect them to.

After an amazing weekend in Atlanta at Propel (  I nearly passed on the opportunity to stop by in Greenville, South Carolina. I would have missed all of this:


The journey makes for a good story, don’t rush through it.

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