I don’t like to write blogs for the sake of writing them. I only write when I feel I have something worth sharing. However, this week I’ve been challenged on my definition of things “worth sharing”.

This has been my first time in the USA and so I am constantly observing new things. When I go on a trip, for example visiting different states, writing comes naturally to me. This is because these are interesting experiences that I feel are worth me documenting. And so for the times where my life here is more low-key, it can seem kind of mundane.

(Note: working for an anti-human trafficking organisation is the most mind-blowing experience but one that I cannot document). 

Anyway, I have no problem with the concept of resting and having time “on the bench”. However, I am beginning to learn about the intentional nature of God and have had a deeper understanding that things don’t just happen by chance. I am learning that situations that appear to be nothing, are actually purposed for something.

To understand this I really had to get my head around the idea that God has a plan for my life. (Which sounds so simple, especially if you’re a Sunday School graduate but let me explain). God has a plan for my life AND it’s a detailed one. I think for a long time I got the concept of God having plan and God having an idea for my life mixed up. An idea is “a possible course of action”. When I thought of God having a plan for my life I used to think it was just  an overall idea of what he wanted me to accomplish. For example, becoming a doctor, or becoming a teacher. However, understanding the definition of a plan helped me to grasp just how much of my life is not wasted.

This means that there is no moment in my life which is for passing time. There is no season in my life where God’s like:

This thought, as simple as it may seem, has changed how I see my life. Now each day is a revelation, each conversation is an opportunity, each frustration is not in vain. Interruptions are collisions with my calling. The ordinary has become everything apart from ordinary.

In a previous blog, (in)security, I wrote about how God is too creative to let things go to waste. This was something which I thought was simple but has quickly evolved into something that I live by. Each moment has purpose. The situations where I feel nothing is happening, are the same ones when, if open to it, I can see how God is still up to something.

Honestly, reflecting on my day to day and the simplicity of it at times, has opened my eyes to the fascinating complexity of how God works in my life. I’ve learnt to fall in love with the day to day.

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