So back home it’s Mother’s Day and I’m in my feelings because I miss my mum. Although I literally speak to her every single day – judge me, I don’t feel a way about it

Ever since me and my sister were young, she taught us right from wrong, yet always gave us the freedom to make the choice between the two. This is something that I’ve highly valued, as it has allowed me to truly live my life believing what I believe for myself. It is this that has helped me stay sure of who I am, what I want and my faith. Although, I’m definitely not perfect and make mistakes, it has definitely created a solid foundation. From the very start she created a space for me to dream big and that permission to do so has allowed me to continuously live in the unexpected.

why does she look done with me already? 

This is better.

She’s my most honest critic (for real, she told me I was a rubbish dancer when I thought I was thriving) but that’s because she’s my biggest fan, always pushing me to go further than I think I can. She is forever there when I need to cry, vent or need a kick up the backside (when I was younger this was literal – but we will not reopen healed wounds). She is the most loyal person I know and the shadiest person I know (don’t be insecure people, me and my sister get the worst of it). She is the strongest person I know and the wimpiest person I know (for real she could probably watch a cartoon in mute if the music sounds scary).

Despite her having amazing qualities in abundance, my favorite thing about my mum is she’s a mum to everyone! And all women like this should be treasured! She cares so deeply for those who entrust her with their pain. She goes above and beyond to tell the truths that nobody else loves you enough to say. She opens her door to anyone who knocks (unless she’s got a hot water bottle, chilling and just not in the mood to talk then you might find she’s “asleep”). All that to say, she has the biggest heart for people – if you ever need a sofa to cry on, hers is a good one.

If I wrote down every lesson I have learnt from this woman, it wouldn’t be a blog, it would be a novel and then some. But if you want a glimpse of the gold I get everyday, check out some of her links below:

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To watch Life With Leah x Europe follow this link: YouTube: Life with Leah

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8 thoughts on “LIFE WITH LEAH

  1. Hey hey hey…Mamfuka, you just don’t go spilling “open secrets” like that! Especially about her being the “shadiest” and “wimpiest”…😂😂😂😂

    Incredibly beautiful words to honour your Mum a.k.a my sister (lets just run with this one before we confuse people 🙈😁)! God bless your spirit 🙏🏾

  2. Abigail Magadzire,

    Awww this is so heart melting. Your mum is so amazing Kookie and there is never dull moment when you are around her. Love love love her loads❤️

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