I challenged myself to write a blog inbetween flights and within my 30 minutes of free WiFi. Here it goes:

I’m sat in the airport waiting to get on the plane back home for Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!  There are people that are sleeping, getting food and looking at boards. There are people, like me, who are already tired and on the final part of their journey. There are people that have just started off and have hours on hours of travel ahead of them. It’s funny how you can be in the same place but completely different stage (this is for a different day).

I have been learning a lot about the gap between where I’ve been and where I’m going (see for journey tips, or for what I learnt about rest).

As I sit here,  I can’t help but thank God for this layover in my life. Yes literally, as I get travel sick and HATE flying, so I appreciate the time I have to get off a plane, breathe, before getting on another one. PLUS, I sat next to a guy that kept asking me what song I was listening to, with the worst breath. So I thank God I got to leave that plane. Having said that, this placement year, so far, is feeling like a layover in my life. I feel that it is shaping me and building my character in preparation for the next stage of my journey.

Reflecting on the past 3 months:

I have learnt a lot about myself and the world we live in.

I have been stretched mentally, as well as physically.

I have learnt that I have a much bigger capacity than I thought.

I have sat in rooms I never imagined I would be in.

I have met people that I never thought I would meet.

I have dealt with things I didn’t think I had to deal with.

I have closed chapters that I had still left open.

I have had dreams shatter and new dreams form.

Although I don’t think that I have been this unraveled in my life, I have never been stronger.

I am more confident in the direction I’m headed and more content with the person I am.

And we’re only 3 months in.

(I even had time to spare. Haters will say it was a short blog anyway)

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