Once again, I cannot make this stuff up.

So last week I had tonsillitis and was feeling real rough but my friend Matt from the UK was leaving, so I went to meet him to say bye and give him some stuff to take home.

I was real tired and sore but the event that took place on my way home woke me up!

Okay so picture this:

I’m chilling with my earphones, I pop my meds, I’m feeling drained but I’m thinking that I can at least survive this 30 minute bus journey. The bus stops and two females get on the bus (for the sake of the story we’ll call them Tanisha and Latoya). We can all hear them going back and fourth verbally before they even get on board and so in preparation I turn my music up in the hope of drowning them out.

They get on and both choose to sit at the front of the bus. At this point my music volume is like:

Despite this, I’m still hearing the increased shouting and screaming. I get tired of my volume trying to compete with theirs and so pause my music and decide I might as well hear the tea.

I start recording it because I always laugh with my friends about the drama on the bus. At first that fight is petty:


Latoya decides it’s all too much and because she has her 3 year old kid, moves to the back of the bus. All of us appreciate this and for the next few minutes, the bus is close to silent.

All of a sudden Tanisha takes it upon herself to go and harass Latoya at the back of the bus.

Latoya is gradually getting more angry and is about to beat Tanisha’s behind but keeps reminding herself that she is with her child. She demands to get off the bus but it’s not safe for the doors to be opened, so the bus driver tries to assure her that she will stop at the next safe place. Tanisha is still provoking her and so Latoya starts lashing out on the bus screaming and shouting.


I’m in shock but still stay chilling minding my own business. The bus driver pulls up at the next stop to let Latoya and her child out. They get off, however, because the bus driver has alerted the cops we are sat waiting for them to come and take Tanisha off, as she refuses to leave voluntarily. Instead she continues to provoke Latoya from the entrance of the bus. At this point Latoya loses it and starts screaming that she has a gun in her bag and that she is going to shoot her. To which Tanisha replies “I’m not scared of death”.


I’m thinking “you might not be but I am”.

Latoya then reaches into her backpack to pull it out and all of us are like:

At this point the bus driver is frozen with stress and everyone yells at her to shut the doors and keep it moving. Long story short, the cops finally pull up both parties are off the bus and we continue on with our journey.

Although looking back I can make it seem lighthearted, it was nothing like I have experienced before. The way things escalated between two people (who we learnt through the fight didn’t even know each other) blew my mind. To think they had access to a weapon like that made the situation so much more intense.

I know that the debate surrounding gun laws in America is on going. Some people tell me they carry a personal firearm for protection, or because it’s their right to do so. However, seeing a 3 year old boy exposed to what he was exposed to broke my heart. While I was seriously preparing myself to watch someone get shot, some people on the bus didn’t even bat an eyelid. It was sad to see just how desensitized to these types of situations many people were.

Although this was just a few words on an incredibly deep rooted issue. The experience was really eye opening.

It’s wild out here.


  1. Kooooooookie…My mouth just opened wide….Am like childish gambino right now…jumping on top of a car with fear …this is America!!!

  2. Hmmmmm we need to think of an alterative way for your transport lol. If you can’t be safe on a bus what about the streets.

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