When my friends suggested we go on a 3 day beach trip, the day before they wanted to leave, I started to think of every excuse not to go.

I really had no reason to do this but it was almost like a default. 

However, once again I pushed past that feeling. It was so much fun and the most American experience I’ve had. I slept in a car, took night walks on the beach, helped start a campfire (well, I collected the sticks), ate smores (well, just the marshmallows because I don’t fully understand the whole burning them until they’re black) – I think I deserve a US citizenship.

Those few days included some of my favorite moments from my trip so far:

I have no idea why I constantly find myself being hesitant to live spontaneously but then blown away by the experience when I do. I’ve decided to break this cycle (for real this time I know I’ve said this before).

Here are 3 reasons why I dislike spontaneous plans and what I’ve learnt in order to overcome this:

They don’t give me enough time to come up with a good excuse.

Me: Where are we going to sleep?

Them: In a car

Me: What are we going to eat? (Unpaid internship life isn’t easy)

Them: We’re all interns. We’ll make a fire and cook on it.

Me: What if it’s cold?

Them: The weather says it’s warm

My friends were not hearing any of my excuses for not going on the trip. It got me thinking about what I look like to God every time I make an excuse. If he told me everything I was going to encounter in advance, I would most definitely talk my way out of almost everything and miss the opportunities that he has for me. I’m learning to embrace the deliberate randomness of life. It’s my saving grace.

They mean that everything’s an option. 

If you struggle to make a decision like me, then the idea of too many options can freak you out. I’ve learnt to embrace this, as it is this very thing that makes a relationship with God so exciting. The number of times I have limited a limitless God by restricting the plans that he has for me is embarrassing. I’m learning to embrace the endless possibilities.

They leave too much unknown.

On our second night camping in the car, I kept hearing someone walk around our campsite. My friend in the car with me did not seem to be phased, as she was still asleep, so I just ignored it. This went on for about 30 minutes, until one of our friends sleeping in a hammock outside texted us to say she could hear someone walking outside and that if possible we should check what it is:

It ended up being an animal eating the things we left outside. I learnt that more times than not, things appear to be scarier than they are. It just took us taking a step out of the car to realise that. I learnt that God wants to surprise me daily with things far beyond what I planned and that fear wants to get in the way of that. 

The freedom I felt last weekend was a reflection of the life I believe God wants me to live. Completely captivated by the wonder of my surroundings. Forever intrigued by the mystery of the unexpected.


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